“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Bubbaclaus” – Golf Video of the Season

Golf Is Hard TV Season 5 Pass

Can’t get enough of our old Golf is Hard TV episodes? Well get ready for a season pass to season 5 of GIHTV.


What’s golf again? Someone please remind me. Happy Holidays to all!

First round of… 2011?

I finally got a chance to get out and play a round this year. Incredible and astounding I know. My daughter and I played 9 holes in a father/daughter tournament. I believe we may have finished dead last. The theme of the day was Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” – each shot was preceded by me saying “on the edge” and trying to be as positive at Tony Robbins. It didn’t work, but we had a blast.

PS… Golf is Hard TV website is OBVIOUSLY back online!

Snow in April

Is it really snowing in April? Really? We’re going to have a real problem here Mother Nature! It’s time to pick up the clubs and swing, but I’ve filled my head with the inner workings of the baseball swing in coaching fastpitch softball… it’s going to be a rough season of golf!

Pathetic and Sad

This hasn’t been the greatest golf season either personally or for Golf is Hard TV!

Let’s start with the personal golf side… I played less than 10 rounds this year, the highlight being a 9-hole round with my daughter. I managed to play 2 great courses while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, but outside of that, I made little to no progress on my game and in fact, probably took a big step backwards. I’ve invested a huge amount of time in coaching travel softball, which is eating up most and all of my free time.

As for Golf is Hard TV, clearly we’ve slacked on doing new shows this past year. Whether that’s a function of burning out from season 1, lack of good ideas or again, simply no time, I’m unsure. Coach (err, Chef) Dave has been busy over at Life is Hard TV most of this year, but we both desperately want to rekindle the momentum we had with the golf show at some point in the future. When.. we don’t know!

If you are still out there, how was the 2010 golf season for you?

GolfisHardTV vs. LifeisHardTV

What is the first thing you usually do when you get off the golf course? Although your options are many, chances are they include grabbing a bite and/or a beverage at the 19th hole, or heading home to finish off your latest home improvement project. Perhaps you need to stop by the wine shop to pick up something nice for your dinner guests? Or maybe you believe that although you just spent 5 hours on the golf course, you didn’t get much real exercise, so you’re off for a workout. Whatever you typically do after a round, be sure to check out www.lifeishardtv.com first. With close to 40 video posts to date, and many more to come, chances are we talking about something in which you are interested.

Let’s take a look at what both GIHTV and LIHTV have to offer:

GolfisHardTV                                LifeisHardTV

golf instruction                                  wine education

golf humor                                           laughs with Larry

free entertainment                           free entertainment

keep your game in shape               keep your body in shape

ask questions about golf                ask questions about anything

see new equipment                          cool home projects

online golf pros                                 online wine experts

online golf pros                                 online personal trainer

online golf pros                                 online pro contractors

online golf pros                                 online chef wannabe

                                                                 (real chefs coming)

share with friends                            share with friends

You are starting to get the picture…check out LIHTV, we have a ton of stuff going on and much, much more to come. We are will be expanding soon into areas such as travel, gardening, music and hobbies. If you are passionate about something and wish to post a guest blog within a category, please give us a shout, we will be glad to consider posting your stuff. Hit ‘em well.

Golf is Hard TV #87 – How To Fade/Draw Your Golf Ball

This is a really simple explanation of how to either fade or draw your ball. Try this out, shape your shots as needed on the course. If you have any questions, please submit a comment and we will be glad top help. Thanks Ron for your help, nice work. Have fun out there.

Golf is Hard TV #86 – Golf Workout

In this episode, John from http://www.getupandgofit.com takes Marc through a basic but effective workout for golf. Only on Golf is Hard TV!

Golf is Hard TV #85 – Equipment Review: Drivers, Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Ron Nihoff shows off his incredible golf swing and he also previews 2010 models from the “big 3″, Nike, Ping and Callaway. Check out their latest in drivers, fairway woods (metals) and hybrids. If you are local to Tashua Knolls, Trumbull CT, then you won’t want to miss Nike Demo Day on Friday, April 30th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can meet Ron and some of the Nike reps, try out all the latest equipment. Mention Golf is Hard TV and Ron will give you the special member’s discount. Enjoy the episode, and be sure to watch until the very end for a surprise appearance from a special guest! Have fun, now go practice!

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