Winter stinks

I managed to hit a few balls at the Norwalk Golf center and set up a mini-putting area in my basement so far – but basically winter stinks worse than I am at golf.

The Norwalk golf center is pretty amazing however – they have a simulator, a ton of bays with computers and cameras and a full bunker. My girls are doing a girl scouts/LPGA thing so they can learn to stink at golf too – and while they were getting lessons I hit a bunch of balls on my own.

Seeing yourself on video is odd – my swing really isn’t that bad but I have literally no power – something to work on for next spring. It would be nice to be able to hit the ball another 30 yards or so – there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to hit the ball 250 yards with a driver (or more to be honest). I’m capping out at around 225/230 and think it has to do with my hips not opening soon enough.

Maybe I should get some real lessons!

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