The First Round of 2007

Played my first round of the 2007 golf season in chilly weather this morning at Tashua Knolls. We had a delayed 7:30 AM start time and finally tee’d it up at 9:30 as a shotgun start. Teeing off on 18 to start the round was odd, but gave us a short walk. I started the season with a decent drive, but tripled the hole for an 8.

I’ve mentioned how much I love my new hybrid before, and the club continues to perform as I hit it from just about anywhere on the golf course. I had 3 solid pars on the day and shot a 102 – not terrible. I would have saved a few strokes but continue to slice most every drive. I also need to shake the rust off, as I chunked at least 4 shots that most certainly hurt my score.

It was a GREAT day though – I’m so glad golf is back!

Meanwhile, the Masters is terrific – I’m just now watching the end of the 3rd round and loving every second.

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