I played last Friday with a guy who used to be a golf pro – he gave me what amounted to on course lessons – and ended up changing my swing and my grip. Needless to say, I played lousy, shooting 110. On Sunday, I took the girls back out and shot a horrible 46 on the par 33 Glen course – struggling with grip, swing and swing speed.

That said, I realize that I’m on to something because when I hit it, I hit it a lot further than before, and a heck of a lot straighter. Perhaps a tiny light at the end of the tunnel? Doubtful, but we’ll see.

I add a 52 degree wedge to the bag as well, and played the hell out of it. Problem is, I don’t have sense of distance with the thing – I need to hit the range with it.

My first lesson is coming up Friday – I have very high hopes which are most likely totally irrational.

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