Golf Lesson #1

I had a terrific golf lesson yesterday – within 10 swings I had adjusted my alignment and swing mechanics and my slice was all but gone – we’ll see what happens tomorrow on the course.

You get so many different pieces of advice from magazines, tv shows and other players – it turns out that I was simply not sticking with the basics.

  • More bend in my stance – my angles were all messed up
  • I need to bend my front knee to give me more rotation – and when I did the ball literally jumped off my club
  • I need to work hard to get my club face around and in position – I get lazy sometimes on my swing and that creates my incredible slice
  • And when I get lazy, I get real lazy and don’t finish well. I’m working on really getting around on the swing – blasting open my hips and finishing all the way around
  • The proper driver position feels completely awkward – but it works. Because I can’t get my shoulders in alignment, I actually start my swing with the driver head about 8-10 inches BEHIND the ball which gives my shoulders room to pull into alignment.

Can’t wait to play a round and see what happens.

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