No Excuses, I Stunk

Shot 107 today. Lots of possible excuses: heat, humidity and more. Bottom line was I simply didn’t drive well and lost tons of balls. It was very frustrating and I struggled to keep my zen on. I played the back nine first (54) and had a good run on the front, but 2 late disaster holes really killed me.

A guy we played with on the last hole took 4 shots just to get out of the sand trap. Whoo – he was so pissed! He tossed his club like 20 yards. If not for golf etiquette, it would have been funny. What can you do?

I have noticed though that with the lesson I took I am finally starting to drive the ball a lot further than ever before. On 2 different holes I really let it go – hitting one at least 250 if not further. With golf, there is always a silver lining!

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