PGA Superstore

PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

I had an incredible experience at the PGA Superstore in Roswell, GA this week. I took a break from my trip to check it out and ended up sending almost 2 hours inside the place. After wandering around for 30 minutes and seeing some incredibly cool things I asked how much the simulator bays cost. When I was told it was free, I was just about in heaven. With just about every club known to man in demo racks, I started right away hitting balls.

Hummer Golf Cart - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Chipping - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Golf Bags - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

I also want to mention that the genius who figured out the licensing agreement to put sports teams and college logos on hats deserves a free round somewhere. When I first saw a Titleist hat with a Yankees logo, it never occurred to me that they might also be licensing colleges as well. They are!!!

Seminoles Titlest Hat- PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Golf Simulator- PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

After hitting balls for about 30 minutes, one of the store pro’s came over and we got to talking. He offered me a free club fitting (wow!) and watched me hit some balls. I had no consistency hitting the ball off the sweet spot on the driver head. We tried a few different clubs and different shafts but still got very little. With my swing between 88-95 miles per hour I was only hitting the ball about 230 yards or so.

The guy grabbed a Ping and asked me to hit it. Straight shots every time but only 200 yards of distance. I looked at the club and saw it was a “2” – he told me that the club was basically a fairway wood with a driver head. Looking at the tape on the club head, I managed to hit the dead center just about every time. Hmmm…

Perhaps I need to add a fairway wood back to my bag and leave the driver at home. We talked a lot about how the longer shaft makes it even harder for high handicappers to get consistent shots. We both agreed that I should play my fairway woods or hybrids off the tee for now, presumably I’d get a ton more consistency and would not be giving up much distance. I’m playing on Saturday, so we’ll see!

Finally – when I made my hat purchase, the PGA store even gave me a cool black bag loaded with golf tips!

The Bag - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

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