Golf Lesson #2

I had my 2nd of 3 lessons last Friday before my round on Saturday. I ended up shooting a 101, which all things given wasn’t too bad. I’m working on so many different things, it’s hard to keep track.

The main thing we did in the lesson was focus on swing plane and impact. My swing plane is terribly steep, so I’ve been visualizing flattening it so that it feels almost completely flat. It’s a totally new feeling and in order to feel it and get into the proper position, I need to open up my hips faster and keep my elbow down.

I’m a baseball player (or was one) – so my right elbow wants to come up. This may be my big problem. I used a nerf looking training ball in between my forearms and took a few swings – no way to raise my elbow!

I believe alignment is a huge issue as well – once I got my swing groove and was blasting away with no slice, I realized everything was going way, way left. I adjusted by laying down 2 clubs and immediately, I was on target.

The next day, I hit 6 fairways and came very close on 2 others. Getting there… slowly.

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