Lost My Temper

Things were going OK – I was +3 and playing bogey golf before I hit the 4th hole, which I promptly tripled.

Took a deep breath and got it back together with a bogey on the next hole. Then things fell apart again – triple bogey and a hole so bad I just picked it up. The first night were up and down but not horrible, I shot a 51.

I should have sat down for a minute at the turn, but kept on going – it was getting late and I knew I was going to run out of daylight at some point. I would end up triple bogey on the last hole in darkness. Can I give myself a shot for that? Didn’t think so.

Back to back double bogeys and I really lost my temper. Good thing I was all alone on the course. I cursed out loud in bad form and slammed my 3 iron into the ground in frustration. The darn club deserved it after what it did to me!

I took a deep drink of water and ate a bag of chips and felt a bit better. I promptly hit a totally crap shot… never mind, that’s a mulligan. I’m allowed OK? C’mon. It didn’t help and I ended up playing the first ball. Yea, it was that bad!

Then, on a hole that gives me fits I nailed a fairway and hit a magical 52 degree to within feet. Easy putt for par! Then more magic… another par, then a bogey.

I slowed down my swing and held my back arm in tight and started to really crush the ball like I know I can. I hit a 6 iron about 160+ which is way long for me. What was going on?

Don’t worry though, it was fleeting. Triple bogey, triple bogey on the last two holes to limp in with a 50 and a total score of 101.

I am mostly disappointed in myself for actually losing my temper. Golf is supposed to be my “zen”. I think the expectation of shooting in the 90’s is getting in the way of my just swinging the club and relaxing. I’m getting better, but apparently I’m not so patient a person.

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