When I was in High School, there was this amazing band “Hipsway” that hit the scene big time.

I played 18 today with a guy who is really, really good. He’s a 4 handicapper and I met him because we were both playing “singles.” So this guy crushes the ball – his driver are 280-300 easy – and I can tell he’s taking it easy, sizing up the course and seeing what’s what.

I can also tell he’s looking at me funny half the time – I get the silent treatment when I duff the ball – and the occasional “good golf swing” comment when I manage to actually hit the ball. (Side note… new favorite club is the 5 hybrid. God I hit that thing great).

By the 17th hole, I’m +30 or so and he’s about to finish with a 73. I slice the crap out of the ball and for the first time after 4+ hours, the guys says “Marc. Hipsway.”

I’m trying to figure out what he just said and ask him what he means. What he was talking about what how I have now started over-compensating my shoulder turn by adding a nice hip movement (left to right) which is completely throwing off my angles.

I’d like to make 2 comments about this story:

1. Damn, golf really is hard!
2. Say something earlier man. Could have saved me from myself.

I was going to play again tomorrow, but I think I’m due for some time on the range instead.

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