Myrtle Beach, SC

I absolutely love golfing on vacation. For the first time ever, I played a round during a family break – our first visit to Myrtle Beach. We headed down on one of those Marriott special preview deals (more on that later) and I got a free round as part of the package.

I got up early and hit a bucket of balls in the morning mist before teeing off with 3 strangers – a guy from VA and a father/daughter from Boston. The girl was probably 16 or so, and shouldn’t have been on the course. She was a new player and could barely swing the club.

No matter! I was golfing on vacation and had an amazing time. I shot a 103, but the round could have easily been 6 shots better – 2 chunks and 3 triple bogeys really hurt bad. But again – no matter – I was totally relaxed and had a terrific time.

The course was nice, not too hard and had a few pretty difficult par 3 holes.

As for the Marriott weekend – we got 4 days/3 nights for $199 plus the golf and $50 in “Marriott bucks.” We sat through a 90 minute sales pitch and guess what – we actually bought a timeshare!

This means 2 things:

  1. More golf on vacation for me – yes!!
  2. You have an opportunity to get a sweet deal on a weekend from me as a reader of this blog. I’ll post up more details as I get them, but it’s pretty simple. You get a very similar deal as I described above – and I get Marriott points if you buy. No pressure, no big deal. Stay tuned and I’ll post up details as soon as I get them.

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