It Figures

I was out of my mind with golf goodness on Sunday. +12 on the front 9 at Tashua is a new record – and I had a solid chance of actually making my goal this year of breaking 100. Unfortunately, I had a softball game to coach and had to leave after the 11th hole after 2 more bogeys. I added it up as if I played all 18 assuming I played a little worse on the back 9 and came up with a 96… holy cow! 96 is good! Sweetness!

Figures I had to leave early (or maybe it was a good thing?).

Meanwhile, I had coffee with someone this morning who totally HOOOOOOKED me up with some golf books that I cannot wait to read…

Putting Out of Your Mind – Rotella
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect – Rotella
Golf is a Game of Confidence – Rotella
The Scorecard Always Lies – Lewis

What should I read first????

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