The Last Round

Played my last round of the year (most likely) a week ago. After an hour frost delay, the greens were extremely tough. Some were frozen, and some were muddy. It was odd. My putting was horrible, and I missed 4 par chances, which is 3 more par chances than I ususally miss on any given day.

After starting horribly, I settled in and ended up with a 100 on the nose (give or take a mulligan). I was disappointed at first, then realized that I’m averaging a 98 in my last two rounds. This year was a total success on the golf course.

Interestingly, I didn’t pull my driver out of my bag once in either of those rounds. I managed to tee-off with my 3 hybrid which I hit about 200 yards. I think next year that I’ll try to figure out my driver and will most certainly have to work on length.

That said, course management is finally something I need to consider, especially mid-iron range shots. Once I started hitting the ball somewhat consistently earlier this year, I started to realize that I need to be more strategic playing my 2nd and 3rd shots. I’m pretty good from about 40-60 yards with my gap wedge, and very good from about 120-130 with my 8 iron.

I think I’ll try to play to those spots next year and see if I can lose a few more strokes. I’d love to shoot under 95 next year, maybe even get close to 90 (I’m a dreamer).

Just for the hell of it, and so I can remember, here’s my club list with estimated distances.

GW 70 yards
PW 100 yards
9I 110 yards
8I 120 yards
7I 130-140 yards
6I 150 yards
5I 160 yards
3I 180-190 yards
4Hy 160-180 yards
3Hy 180-190 yards
Driver 200-220 yards (150 with a 40 yard slice)

In the meantime as the weather gets colder, I’m engrossed with Tiger Woods ’08 on my Nintendo DS. If any of you play, leave a comment and we can become “friends” and play against each other online.

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