Book Notes: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

I finally got around to reading the first of a few different Rotella golf books. I chose “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” to read first and was thrilled with what the book gave me.

I took several key lessons from the book and want to focus on just 2 right now.

The first thing is how to manage my game on the course. The book goes on and on about to manage your game while playing a round of golf. What I loved most was specific details and ideas on how to tailor my game based on the clubs and shots I am most confident in making.

For example, instead of risking a driver on a long par 4 or par 5 hole, why not plan out a series of shots that will get me in position to get on the green in regulation with my best shot – a 70 yard gap wedge.

Instead of hitting driver on a 450 yard yard par 4, next season I’ll try this.

  • Tee off using my 3 hybrid to about 200 yards.
  • To get to 70 yards from the hole, my second shot will be my 5 hybrid which I hit between 170-180 yards.
  • At that point, I’ll be about 70-80 yards from the hole/green and will be in position to hit my favorite shot – the one I have the most confidence in, most of the time. If I chunk the 2nd shot, I can still play my pitching wedge or 9 iron from 120 yards or closer – both shots I’m fairly confident with.

This is a key difference than what I’m doing today, which is hitting driver (badly) to try to get to 150 yards, then trying to hit a 5 iron to the green. I usually mis-hit or over hit that club and end up in the rough. Can’t wait to try this!

The second big thing I took from the book is putting. Basically, I was taught to try to put to either a 3 foot or 6 foot circle. Rotella’s technique is to try to sink the putt – go for the hole. I like this because it makes sense. Why not try to sink the putt, then if you miss, you miss close. My putting is horrible anyway, and I figure it can only get better from here, right? Right?

I absolutely loved this book and the mental/confidence approach it preaches. I am anxiously awaiting to play this coming year.

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