My 2008 Golf Resolutions

Happy new year!

Sure, I have other new years resolutions (less bread, more exercise etc), but what’s really important are my golf goals for the coming year. I have 3.

1. Play more golf! This happens to mean a new job that will allow me to play more. I played the most golf I’ve ever played in 2007 (about 20+ rounds), and this year I’d like to play at least 5-10 more.

2. Stay in the moment on every shot. I’m very zen about golf (it’s why I started playing in the first place). But as I started to shoot lower scores last year, I noticed that I kept looking ahead and figuring out what I needed to shoot to make my goal over the last few holes. That’s bad! I resolve to not do that and enjoy each shot for what it is.

3. To fully counter #2, above, I want to shoot a 95 or lower this year. Take that Mr. Stay in the Moment.

How about your golf resolutions, got any?

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