I Want A Sponsor

As I was reading this post on The Grouchy Blog about Tilghman and Faldo being corporate shills, I decided that I’d like an official golf sponsor.

I offer several key sponsor benefits:

  1. Complete coverage on my blog that includes gear review, ads and more
  2. I’ll wear or play with whatever you send me (and blog and twitter about it). I play about 25 rounds a year on various CT and Myrtle Beach courses.
  3. You get great PR for sponsoring perhaps the worst golfer possible.

Here are, then in top 10 form, who I’d like be be sponsored by… (but I’m not picky)

10. EA Sports (how much more can I blog about golf video games?)
9. Adams Golf
8. Microsoft, Google and/or Yahoo! (how fun would that be)
7. Adidas
6. Oakley
5. People’s Bank (that’s my bank)
4. Titleist (c’mon, I’ve already blogged about how I mark my ball!)
3. Callaway
2. TaylorMade (I already have TaylorMade irons!)
1. Nike

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