Which is Harder?

Golf is Hard (the blog) is wondering and opining (is that a word?) which version of golf is actually the hardest.

1. Real golf.
2. Tiger Woods 08 on the Wii
3. Fantasy Golf

Which is harder?

Real Golf
Real golf is pretty darn hard. I’ve been playing for about 10 years and have yet to break 90. Umm, 95. It takes dedication, talent and tons of time to get better at real golf. I’d say out of 10 stars (10 is Tiger Woods), It’s a 7.

Tiger Woods 08 on Wii
Not that hard at first – but I tried my game on Doral and shot +15. In real life, I’d probably shoot +35. Real golf is harder for sure. I’d give Tiger 08 on the Wii 4 hard stars out of 10.

Fantasy Golf
So here’s the deal with fantasy golf. It’s super easy when Tiger is playing, otherwise it’s hard. Really hard. Not harder than real golf, but I’m giving it a solid 5 hard stars out of 10. Take this past week for instance… I had to change my lineup on Sunday because just about everyone else I had picked either “MC” (missed the cut) or was playing horribly. I stuck Allenby in just before the deadline and nabbed 14 quick points. Thanks to the weekly preview, I managed to give Luke Donald the start.

So there you have it.. real golf it turns out is quite a bit harder than Tiger 08 on the Wii and Fantasy Golf.

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