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Tashua Knolls 16th strategy
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Ok, here’s an example of how I’m going to score better this season…

Shot 1: Lay off the driver. On this example hole, the 16th at Tashua Knolls (495 yards from the whites, par 5) I can regularly hit the ball about 200 yards with my 3 hybrid. The tee is high up above the fairway, so I get a good extra 10-20 yards.

Shot 2: Use my 5 or 6 iron to punch the ball up about 150 more yards in the middle of the fairway. From here, I’d normally try to use my 3 iron or hybrid and try to get it up close the green. If I was lucky, I’d have a 30-40 yard chip to the green (a shot I’m not so great with). If I was unlucky, I’d be way right and OB.

An alternative if I was really playing well would be to use my hybrid 5 here and try to skip shot 3.

Shot 3: Use my pitching wedge to get the ball as close to 100 yards out as possible. I’d actually prefer to under hit this shot to make sure I was 100-120 yards out.

Shot 4: Pitching wedge from 100 yards is about my best shot. Worst case here, I chunk it and try again from 80 yards. Best case, I’m putting for par and happy with a bogey.

I can’t wait to get back out there!

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