2 Hour Practice Session

The weather was perfect today in CT and I knew I’d find myself at the range. I ended up with 3 buckets of balls and really started to work on my swing. I’m focused on the turn and trying to avoid the sway. I tend to chunk the ball when I’ve swayed so at worst, I’ve got myself a warning system in place and ready to go.

I spent about an hour hitting balls. picking out targets and rotating through my clubs. I think I must have gotten tired towards the middle and started really hitting the ball poorly after a great start. After 5 solid drives, my driver went back into hibernation. After 3 or 4 pop ups and mishits, I put it away for safe keeping back in the bag where it will remain for most of this season.

I also think I’ve found that I’m rotating my hands too much at impact, unlike last year at this time, I’m hooking the ball consistently which is the opposite of my normal slice. I know my faithful slice will return at some point though – it’s lurking around. In the meantime, I’ve got to find a way to get the club head square at impact again.

Distances are a bit hard to gauge at this point but I did manage to hit bunch of balls cleanly with my PW, GW and LW.

PW is 100-110 yards at 90-100%. I just can’t seem to hit it much further than that.
GW is 80 yards at 90%.
LW is 50 yards at 90%

After the range, I hit the putting green and took about 100 strokes, setting balls up at various distances and lies. My left hand low grip feels great on the course, but I do think I need a new putter. Because of how thick and solid it is, it seems as if there is very little room for error in speed. A tiny bit extra sends te ball flying, and a tiny bit less lands me a ridiculous distance from the hole. That said, my new grip, along with a slightly new routine seems to have me on target and closer to the pin than I can remember from last season.

Finally, 30 minutes chipping – my least favorite practice drill. Happily, I did well using my PW as my primary chipping club. I’m confused if that’s the right club to use, but I did fairly well with it.

After a 2 hour practice, I feel like I should be getting ready to try out for my high school golf team – too bad I’m 38 and not in high school. Or good enough to make any sort of team.

Now it’s time to watch some golf on TV and relax before dinner!

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