Home on the Range…

and in the basement.

I managed to sneak away for 30 minutes and hit a quick bucket of balls tonight. I grabbed my PW, 5 and 7 irons and wanted very specifically to work on a 2-piece takeaway that I read about in a golf magazine. According to the article (I’m too lazy to go find the link right now), you take the club head back with your wrists first, then turn the shoulder.

I had great results with this move – I think it acts a bit like a timing mechanism for my body. The thing is, I really think I have figured out one of my major issues. When I take the club back, I sway quite a bit like I’m going to hit a baseball. I did in fact play baseball. After all these years I do believe I still have a tiny bit of muscle memory!

When I’m very conscious of the turn I feel like I’m on a pivot I hit the ball very, very well. I hit a 5 iron the furthest I’ve ever hit one today – it must have gone close to 170 yards. I was shocked because I didn’t even feel the ball on the club – just like in baseball when I hit a homerun. It felt great.

Then, tonight, I not only cleaned all my clubs with some soap and hot water, but I practiced putting a bit on the carpet in the basement. Totally loving my new hand on thigh, left hand low routine I’m developing.

I’m addicted, I know.

I’d blog a bit about this weekend’s golf action, but what’s to say other than I’d be very scared to play Doral. To me, it looks like a nightmare!

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