Season Opener

Let’s be upfront about things here, OK?

I stink. I love golf, but I’m just not very good. I played my first round of 2008 today in less than ideal conditions – it was darn cold out! So cold we had a freeze delay and my tee time was pushed back 45 minutes. Luckily for me, I’m a glutton so I hit a bucket of balls and froze my butt off. I should note, that I have never hit a better bucket of balls in my entire life. Absolutely crushed the ball and with accuracy.

We tee’d off with these two guys who I could tell were trouble from the get go… one guy was such a talker that at the turn we actually separated from them and replayed the front 9. Yea, that bad.

In any case, armed with my new 3 hybrid and Odyssey White Hot putter, I stunk up the joint with a +21. Yea, you read that right. Oddly, I drove well – but played my wedges horribly. I actually hit a shot that when at a 90 degree angle from me. Sideways! That hurts.

The 2nd time around, I played much, much better and finally found my swing again. I even hit 2 drivers in the fairway! The +17 wasn’t great, but I took a few things away.

  1. Relax, it’s early. Lots of golf to be played.
  2. Relax, it’s a game dummy.
  3. I need more time on the range to work on building up muscle memory, especially with the pitching wedge.

Best shot of the day however, was a PW from 100 yards out that landed less than 5 ft. from the cup.

I’m also using a new site to keep stats this season – oobgolf – check it out. When you have a moment – very slick features. I should also note that oobgolf is my official sponsor this season! More on that later…

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