Myrtle Beach Photos

A few photos I snapped while in Myrtle Beach

Terrific looking Par 3 at Tidewater… I hit my gorgeous tee shot right into the front bunker. My first sand shot left me… right back in the bunker, up against a 1-2 foot high lip! Triple bogey baby.

Amazing Par 3, again at Tidewater. No where to go but on the green. See that tree on the left? I didn’t and hit my tee shot smack against it. Drop and three putt for what else… triple bogey.

Nice fairway at Myrtlewood Pine Hills. The course was fun to play! Lots of challenging holes. Apparently, very challenging as I shot a 106.

Neat sign posted at Myrtlewood.

Ahhhh, sunset means time to relax and drink up.

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