Book Notes; Putting Out of Your Mind

On vacation in Myrtle Beach I read the last of the 3 Rotella books that I have, “Putting Our of Your Mind.” Similar to his other books, it’s filled with stories and examples, some of which are hard to believe, but all of which are very compelling.

I liked this book about the same as I liked the rest of them – but I’m not sure I’m a good enough golfer quite yet to get the full value from these books.

That said, I will take away a few key points when putting, a few of which seem to be helping already.

The book reiterates what we all know but seem to forget – which is that roughly 40% of all your shots in a given round will be putts. That’s a lot… shaving 5 or 10 strokes is totally doable – that’s just 5 less 3 putts in round!

I also liked that Rotella doesn’t prescribe any particular mechanics to putting. I recently switched to a “left-hand low” style and was wondering if I should switch back. After reading this book, I do believe it doesn’t matter. I’m sticking with the new style simply because it’s comfortable for me.

The biggest point however, is the assertion that I already “have the touch” and just need to relax and let my body do it’s thing. This is tough in reality, but I’ve been working hard in my routine to take a look, line it up and just let it go. I played a round recently and *think* I started to really allow myself to feel this while putting. I played well – breaking my 9 hole course record on an executive course here. I believe I only 3 putted twice (that’s a miracle!).

In any case, I do recommend Rotella’s books – the books are not going to help your mechanics, but they have brought me a certain amount of psychology that I’m able to bring to the course with me. The proof is going to have to be in my scoring though – I’m simply not scoring like I should be yet.

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