Product Review: Swing Reminders

Full disclosure, I got an e-mail from the guy who invented “Swing Reminders” asking me if I’d review his product. I’m happy to do so and am thrilled to finally (yes!) have a moment to write up my review.

What are they? Swing Reminders are a bunch of hardwood tokens with golf swing tips to help you improve your game. In my hands, they feel like poker chips (that’s a good thing, especially if I’m holding a bunch of them!).

I stalled at first before using these, they sat in my bag for a few rounds before I pulled them out. But I really wanted to try them out and sure enough, I grabbed a few and thew them into my pocket along with tees and some balls a few weeks ago.

On the first tee, I went to pull a tee and ball out and instead, had a token in my hand that said “No Sway.” Because swaying is my biggest issue right now, I was surprised to myself. I dropped the token back into my pocket and hit a nice tee shot.

Throughout the round (and subsequent rounds since), I’ve been using the reminders every few holes. I think it helps if you don’t overdo it – there is no reason to look at 5 or 6 tips right before you take a shot. That said, I have found that glancing at a single swing reminder is a nice way to get my head back into the moment.

My favorite 3 reminders so far are:

  • no sway
  • quiet legs
  • pick your target

I think Swing Reminders are a great novelty or a gift item – they are inexpensive and quite useful. If I had a handy dandy product review rating system or if products were given a golf score, I’d give them a par. Check out their site at

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