I am Tiger Woods…

The weather was perfect.

The work week was over.

I had to play some golf.

When I entered my score, the handicap computer told me that the score was much lower than normal and was I sure I wanted to submit it… uhh… yea I want to submit it!

I played out of my mind. I have never, ever felt the way I felt on golf course as I did today. I wish to god I played with one of my friends (so they’d believe me) and played a full 18. But that said, the +5 (41) I shot on the back 9 at Tashua Knolls is a round I’ll remember for a long, long time.

I made par back to back TWICE!

I sunk a 20 foot putt for par!

I chipped up with a lob wedge twice to within 10 feet!

I channeled my inner Tiger Woods (hmm, maybe not – when was the last time Tiger shot +5 on 9 holes?). Back to regularly scheduled suckfests soon, don’t worry.

Seriously though, here’s what I think I did differently. I slowed everything down by 20 or 30% and took an extra club. I tried to keep my swing smooth and to stay “long” in my back. I’ve been feeling like I have been dipping down to hit the ball (lots of chunks) – staying long in my back worked for me today.

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