The Rotary Swing

I got a copy of “The Rotary Swing” from the publisher who apparently, thought I’d love to read it and review it here on my blog. Luckily, for both of us, that turned out to be true! I read the book on a flight to Seattle last week and absolutely fell for it – hook line and sinker.

In my hotel room, I was practicing my turn, feeling the “bump” and working on my legs and body with the hope that my swing will get less “handsy” and I’ll start to hit the ball more consistently.

I had intended to get to the range this weekend, but my 9 year old convinced me to play 9 holes with her earlier today. I knew I was risking it by going out on the course without trying out the new swing, but what the hell… why not.

I was nervous at the first tee, but hit an amazingly solid shot with my hybrid and proceeded to par the first hole! Unfortunately, the rotary swing can tend to make shots go left if you don’t do it right… the next two holes proved that. I realized that I was over-turning and corrected my swing on the 4th hole by sticking an 8-iron from 140 yards to 20 feet. I was shocked!

I hit the ball so pure, I hardly felt it. Over the next 6 holes I shot 2 over with 4 pars and 2 bogies.

The book is written in a simple, conversational style and while there are illustrations, the quality isn’t great. That said, I do believe I’m a rotary swing convert. The companion web site and drills are terrific – I’d recommend this book, especially for high handicappers like me. I’m really looking forward to digging into some of the drills and working on this more as I try to improve my game.

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