The Best Partner… Ever

I played two 9 hole rounds this weekend with the best partner a guy could ever ask for. Way better than playing with Tiger or Bob Hope or any chummy celeb for sure.

I’ll take this partner over any in the world, in a tournament or just for fun. She’s a joy to be with, hits the ball straight just about every time and never loses her cool.

My 8 year old daughter is an absolute pleasure to play with – she’s so calm and funny. She plays quickly, lines up her shots and really watches what’s going on. It’s amazing to see her learn quickly, avoiding stepping on peoples lines and thinking through her club selection.

We played with two different pairs this weekend – both father/son duos and I know they were blown away by my kid. Not because she’s so great, but because she seems to be having so much fun.

I’ll take her as a partner any day and am looking forward to the day we can hit a full size course together.

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