Tournaments Galore

I have totally lost my blogging muse and have slacked off completely here at Golf is Hard. That said, I haven’t had much of interest to talk about either lately.

Last weekend, I played in a father/daugther tournament here in CT. She’s 9 and still very much learning the game. That said, she’s got the etiquitte almost down (she’s still restless on the green while someone else is taking their shot) and is a terrific little putter. She nearly dropped 2 20 foot birdie putts and missed a 30 footer for par by about 3 inches. It was way, way too much fun playing in a scramble like that and we plan to do it again.

Meanwhile, I’m headed to Charlotte to play in a member/guest tournament with a very old friend. I’m pretty nervous for two reasons. First, I want to represent well and have this feeling that the course isn’t going to be so easy). Secondly, I haven’t ever played that much golf in such a short time period and I’m worried about my back. I’ll have to add a ton of stretching every day to get ready and hope I’ll hold up well. We’ll see.

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