Member/Guest Tournament

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the last few days down in Charlotte at a Member/Guest tournament – my first multi-day golf event and first member/guest as well. Instead of recapping the entire week, I’ll post here my highlights and lowlights for the record. Enjoy.


  1. Not being the highest handicapper (in fact, I was 5th from worst!)
  2. Winning 2 matches on the final day to pull out 3rd place in our flight
  3. Pecan pie
  4. Hitting my 3 wood from 195 yards, over water to about 15 feet
  5. Hanging out with an old, old friend for the first time in years
  6. Big break challenge – I almost busted the glass and instead, plugged a ball right through the wood base
  7. Punching out of the woods from inside a gulley about 15 feet down onto the fairway


  1. Tapping the ball by accident on the final hole of a match. I needed to make a long putt for a tie, but didn’t even give myself a chance. Humiliating.
  2. Losing 2 balls OB while stroking. We lost that hole.
  3. Not owning a driver, and feeling lame about that
  4. Losing 8-2 in our first match after shooting a net 31 in the practice round

Overall, it was an incredible event and I personally had an amazing time. My partner however, needs to either change his strategy, or find a new partner for next year if he wants to win. We ended up 2-2-1 in match play (we won both matches on the last day!).

One other note for those of you struggling with your golf game… I’m a 19/20 handicapper and had a 23 course handicap for the week. I’ve come to believe that there is simply a limit to how well someone with my skill (or lack of) can play. I made some good shots and some bad shots and probably shot around 99-101 gross each round which isn’t horrible. But in the end, there is just no way that I was going to shave 10 strokes off my game just because it was a tournament. That meant capitalizing when I had a stroke. I managed to do that a few times, but not enough apparently.

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