Michelle Wie

Love her or hate her (why would you hate her?), big props to Michelle Wie for getting her card. One of the lessons I have been trying to give my daughters is perseverance. I haven’t read anything about Wie’s training plan or how hard she worked to get her card, but I do know she didn’t give up. Good on ya Michelle.

I did some searching but didn’t find much info on how she trained or even (re)dedicated herself online, if you have any links, please send them!

That said, I did fine one quote that sort of stuck out:

“I closed my eyes, I closed my ears to everything,” she said. “It was a tough period. This seems like the world for me. I’ve come from really far below, and it feels like it’s a clean slate. It took a long way to get here, but I feel really good about it.”

More on the Wie story here on Golf.com.

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