Walk, Carry or Push?

I usually walk and use a cart for my clubs, especially after hurting my leg last year. I enjoy walking a lot and sometimes feel like the push cart isn’t allowing me to burn as many calories as I’d like by walking. After all, one of the ways I justify playing golf is that it keeps me in shape (but not apparently enough to make any sort of aerobic difference).

Check out this informative article on Golf.com “Hit ball, drag bag and burn some calories, too” ofr all the details.

  • There was virtually no difference in calories burned between carrying (721) and using a push cart (718)
  • Players in the tests scored best when using push carts and playing with a caddie.

I don’t have a caddie, so that’s out… but it’s great news that there is little caloric difference between carrying and pushing. Sweet.

For you riders (the shame!), subjects burned more calories when they walked and carried their clubs (721) than when they rode in a cart (411).

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