What is an Average Player?

I’m wondering what you all think is an “average” player. I’ve been doing a little digging and set up a poll over on the right hand side (please vote!) to see what folks think an average player shoots.

I’m convinced that if you look at the average handicap (I believe it’s around 15-16 according to the USGA), you are leaving out way, way too many casual and non-handicapped golfers. One of the things about golf that I really dislike is how elite it can feel at times.

I’ve personally been intimidated when playing golf for lots of reasons (lack of a fancy bag, perfect swing, the latest clubs etc…) and frankly, am a bit sick of it. Golf is a great, great game and the more I think about the barriers that exist for casual and inexperienced players the more I want to try to do something about it.

So… let’s start with what you think is an average player, take the poll on the right and leave comments below and we’ll go from there.

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