Finally, A Real Golf Tour for the Average Golfer

Golf Galaxy sent me an email to their VIP Golf Galaxy Tour titled “Finally, A Real Golf Tour for the Average Golfer.”

I’m not sure how they are defining average, but the overview says that the tour is “Open to golfers who normally score 95 or less on 18 holes. Men, women and juniors welcome.” Average eh? I think maybe they’d get a few more entrants (me maybe!) if they expanded this to golfers who “sometimes break 100.”

The entry form asks “What do you normally score on 18 holes?” The choices..

  • 79 or less
  • 80-84
  • 85 or higher

Yea.. that’s average for sure!

So let’s say for arguments sake that you shoot 90 or normally, you might be tempted to sign up…

The package looks pretty sweet and has lots of goodies baked in. You can learn more on the VIP Golf Galaxy site. It includes a number of nice benefits including hats, balls and discounts. It looks like the basic package, priced at $99 is actually worth about $500 if you manage to take advantage of everything they are offering. Golf Galaxy also has a higher end package priced at $149 that includes a $50 Callaway gift card and a $20 Golf Galaxy card. In addition, there is potentially over $1000 in tour winnings.

You can check out all the different locations and select the one that’s closest to you. I’m in CT and they have a Milford, CT tour stop as well.

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