The Golf Fix

I just caught the premier episode of “The Golf Fix,” Golf Channel’s newest how to show designed to improve our games. This show is a little different, and I really liked it. The style is informal and friendly and I like that the host is doing it totally live. It’s an extremely refreshing format, not unlike our very own Golf is Hard video podcast!

A big part of the first show was “Celebrity 9-1-1” which is supposed to help celebs fix their games. While I don’t mind the occasional celebrity thing, the Jim McMahon segment was just odd. He was wearing sunglasses at night and was in bare feet. Very bizarre. I actually wanted to see less of him and more of Samuel L. Jackson’s fix. In thinking about it, how about getting some high handicappers on the show instead of celebs – hell, they can afford expensive lessons themselves!

As for the host Michael Breed (check out his website), I think just like us, he’ll figure out the right level of excitement and get better each show. I am actually looking forward to seeing how he progresses as a host.

I think it’s a worthy show to check out – I had been digging Personal Lessons but this show is a very good alternative. My only real complaint is the show’s tagline…”This ain’t your Daddy’s instructional show.” Didn’t Oldsmobile lean on that tagline too?

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