What are the Pros Up to?

At times here at Golf is Hard we will offer our opinion, make predictions and offer Monday-morning quarterbacking about the people who try to make a living playing this crazy game. In other words, you can expect pro-tour commentary and updates so we all stay in tune to what is
going on in their world.

Me? I am waiting for Tiger to come back…it has been kind of boring watching golf without Tiger, can’t wait to see him kick butt again.

In case you are not familiar with the pros, here is a brief rundown on the tours they play:

The PGA Tour – the best male players in the world, most commonly seen on TV
each weekend. Great win last week by Kenny Perry, what happened to Anthony, Camilo and Phil? Thinking about Tiger’s return I believe!

The LPGA Tour – the best female players in the world, Annika is gone, Lorena
rules. Paula Creamer is the best American (ranked 3rd). Watch for Natalie and Anna Rawson (and I hope they play well too). Michelle Wie will win in ’09.

Champions Tour – 50+ year-old men, tons of great players from the past and
still highly competitive. Bernhardly has to hardly wait for a win any Langer.

European Tour – men’s tour across the pond. The best European and other
worldly players make a very good living there. How about the “teenager”, 19 y/o Rory Mcllroy, winning last week, 16th in the world already and hasn’t played in the US. We’ll see, hope he plays well here in 3 weeks.

Nationwide Tour – minor league tour for aspiring male pros, many have made a
nice career there. Not often on TV

Futures Tour – minor league tour for aspiring female pros, also not often on TV

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Here is a prediction. My partner, Marc, will break 90 this year and maybe even think about keeping a handicap. ttys

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