It’s Time to Think About YOUR Lawn

Green grass is what golf is all about right? How do you feel when you pay your greens (pun intended) fees and walk onto a course that is not so green? Now…take that feeling home…how do you feel about your own lawn? I am really into having nice, healthy, green grass (no green weeds and no green crabgrass).

Yeah…I know it’s still frigidly cold here in the Northeast & Midwest, however if you are into your grass, there are things you must know and things you must do if you have northern-cool-season grass…and very soon.

Bottom line this is…step 1 needs to go down no later than mid march (if you live in upper NE), if you live in CT or south, you must put it down in mid-late Feb. This is earlier than you may have done in the past…but it will prevent crabgrass. Did you have crabgrass in May/June? then you put it down too late. Step 1 has no fertilizer, meaning you can’t put down too much.

Go get step 1 now and better yet, buy all 4 of the “Scotts Best” program from your local garden shop (not Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, etc. because they do not sell the best Scotts stuff), have your garden shop person explain. You will get a rebate check from Scotts and your local folks should give you another 10% off for buying it all now.

By being a Golf is Hard fan, your golf game will get better and your grass will be greener. Wait til we talk about grilling and Italian cooking…

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