Well, it’s great to hear that Marc got out today, really unbelievable since it has been sub-freezing for weeks. It sounds like he hit some good shots, not bad after hitting 5-7 balls after 3 months off in 42-degree weather (which is why I didn’t join him).

Reading about Marc’s experience today brought up yet another topic: what is the best way to warm up either during a practice session or before a round? Marc was on track by starting with 1/2-swings…especially after a long layoff, in cold weather, with extra clothing, staring at 130 balls and pumped about his new golf show (heck…I would have taken driver out of the bag immediatley and started ripping away). So after a few swings he starts to lengthen his swing, makes sense. No surprise he was struggling a bit but did realize that he was probably going too fast.

If I had gone out with Marc today, I would have most likey brought just a wedge, a 7-iron, gloves and a hat (you have seen my head) and hit about 60 shots (your average large bucket). I hopefully would have left feeling pretty good about things…keeping it light. Sounds like Marc left feeling good about his swing…which is really the goal.

This brings up yet another topic we need to address on golfishard…practice strategy/goals. Very simple…but not often “practiced”.

Nice win by Nick Watney today…if you watched episode #3, you will know what I am talking about!

Stay Warm! ttys!

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