Brandi Chastain and Pink Diva Golf

One of my favorite golf bloggers to follow is Pink Diva Golf. I have 2 daughters, so anything the world of golf can do to encourage more girls to play is good in my book. I am looking forward to the day my girls outdrive and outplay me.

Pink Diva recently had what I can only imagine was the thrilling opportunity to talk with World Cup & Olympic Soccer Champion Brandi Chastain recently. It’s a fun interview although there is something in particular that I do want to complain about…

Brandi politely says she doesn’t have a favorite club. I doubt that very much. Golfers always have a go to club in the bag just in case (go on, admit it!). For me, that club has been my 5 hybrid. Not only do I hit it from any lie, I’ve chipped with it, putted with it and had a slice of pizza and beer with it. I just love that club. I’m sure Brandi has a favorite too, but perhaps she doesn’t want to offend the rest of her bag. Either way, she should try to be more honest when doing interviews!

BTW, I didn’t know this, but n the history of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am there has only been one woman celebrity to play in the Celebrity Challenge -Lisa Fernandez. Brandi is #2. That’s surprising.

Check out the interview and Pink Diva’s blog.

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