Is Plumb-Bobbing a Myth?

I was thinking back to some of the putting discussions we’ve had on Golf is Hard TV and remembered that one of the things I was going to ask Coach Dave was about “plumb-bobbing.”

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and catching up on the latest issue of Golf Magazine, I came across 2 different articles that mentioned that plumb-bobbing is a useless activity.

Apparently, there was a study done by some folks at the U of Saskatchewan (insert funny Bugs Bunny joke here) that showed “the plumb-bob method was found to be an invalid system for determining the break of a putt” (see page 79, March 2009 Golf Magazine).

Additionally, in a Steve Flesh article in the same issue, Flesch talked about his 10 year old son doing the plumb-bob in relation to it causing slow play.

I’ve been known to plumb-bob but never could remember myself what it meant for the break. To me it always seemed confusing; like turning in a car sliding on ice. Do I turn into the turn or out of it? No clue.

Anyway, I’m going to take the U of Saskatchewan’s study as truth and am dropping the plumb-bob immediately.

Unless Coach Dave says different.

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