Golf is Hard TV – Episode 9 – Sweet Spot Golf Clubs Interview

We’re trying something new in this episode – an audio interview with the creators of “Sweet Spot Golf Clubs.” We did this interview over skype (excuse the poor audio quality).

For some reason, I find the idea of “boutique” golf clubs super interesting and I reached out to them to do an interview for the show. Brian is an ex-Apple guy and I thought it was very apropos that he’s now designing slick golf clubs. You’ll notice on their site and in this epsiosde, that these clubs simply don’t look like anything you’ve ever seen. Brian and Chuck are great guys and recently announced a new relationship with Women’s National Golf School. Learn more at Sweet Spot Golf Clubs.

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Thanks for watching (listening)!

PS – Golf is Hard TV is still working on our revenue model – but this particular interview and post is all about my personal interest in what Brian and Chuck are doing and creating. If you have an interesting product or want to chat, let me know. I can’t promise you an interview, but want to hear from you!

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