Hey there GIH fans…during an earlier episode, we talked about the fact that not only will your golf game get a heckuva lot better here, but so will your lawn. NOW is the time to put down Step 1. This prevents the germination of crabgrass and gives it a jump start with some fertilizer too. Also, now is the time to put down lime to neutralize the soil. You can put them down together and should do it before it rains so it can get washed in.

I just picked up all four steps of the “Scotts Best ” program, 15,000 sq. ft. bags were approx $215 (the price has gone up this year, and smaller bags are obviously less money), plus I will get a $35 mail in rebate (net cost $180). Not bad for the best fert you can get. So get out there, clean up the twigs and leaves and put down Step 1 (no need to completely dethatch the lawn prior to step1, you can do that later on).

Check out the link (no they don’t pay us….yet)…Good luck! Send me any questions and I will be sure to answer.

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