First Round of the Year

It started so well.

I made par on my first hole of the season!

It didn’t go quite that well the rest of the round, but even so, my first round of the year was a lot of fun. It was terrific to get back out on the course and felt great to just be out there. I’ll post some video from the round once I get a chance to edit it. There are a few choice words I have to remove!

I’m sure Dave will comment about his own round, but for me, it was extremely encouraging to hit the ball as well as I did today. I’m really excited about playing this year and am hopeful that my scores will go down dramatically through the year.

My driver was good, if inconsistent. I hit it straight except for one hole where I really, really sliced it hard right. Other than that, the fairway wood felt great as did my hybrids. I’m going to have to really focus some energy on making putts though. I was well on my way to 40 putts if I had played all 18 holes. I only played 13 holes today because I had to coach my daughter’s softball team this afternoon.

Stay tuned for more Golf is Hard TV shows this week, we’ve got some golf goodness coming up including shows giving you a personal tours of the different golf social networks including Stracka, OOBGolf and The Golf Space.

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