Golf is Hard TV Interview:

I spent some time with Rob from, the terrific golf equipment review site he started a few years ago. Rob’s a great guy and we had a fun conversation via Skype. I recorded the chat, but unfortunately, all you hear is me and my heavy breathing. For one reason or another, I didn’t capture Rob’s half of our chat.

That said, I wanted to talk a bit about and some of what Rob has been up to. Let’s start with an example of why his site is so good – check out this video:

What really resonated with me is how closely related our goals are – we both want to appeal to the “average golfer” and have built video based sites to really connect with as many golfers as possible.’s traffic is skyrocketing and because of Rob’s terrific reviews, it’s easy to see why folks keep coming back to hear him talk about golf equipment.

We spent a few minutes talking about the idea of emerging sites like ours that cover golf in a new and non-traditional way, and I think we both agree that we’re on to something big!

We also talked about Rob’s game – he’s a mid-handicapper who has been taking quite a few lessons. It sounds like he’s improved quite a bit which is terrific – but more importantly he’s got a real passion for the game which makes him someone that both Dave and I can really relate to. Be sure to check out if you haven’t already – Rob’s got a few great new posts up including one on the Masters.

I apologize that the audio didn’t work out, I continue to look for software that will allow me to conduct online video interviews and chats with interesting folks from in and around the world of golf.

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