Where’s My Beach Towel?

Played a quick 9 tonight after work – the weather was gorgeous and the course was wonderfully empty and quiet.

I started badly as usual, making double bogey on #1, a long and straight par 5. Then I went bogey, bogey on the next two and I was actually feeling pretty good after hitting some really solid shots. On the 4th at Tashua Knolls, a par 4 dogleg left hole with bunkers all around the green I found myself in the sand.

No kidding, I thought back to episode 38 and opened my club face wayyyy up to the point where I thought Coach Dave would say, OK, that’s far enough. I took a deep breath and a full swing. The ball floated high up and over the lip and gently landed on the fringe and rolled to about 10 feet! I made bogey and continued my round.

On the 9th hole, I teed off with a god awful duck hook that actually ended up on the far side of #1, about 50 yards left. I spotted the 150 yard marker and pulled out a 3 hybrid as I eyed a big bunker sitting right in front of the green.

I hit a terrific 2nd shot that looked great but ended up in the bunker. I was nervous and excited to give my new sand skills a whirl and again, opened my club face wayyyy open, then turned it just a tad further, hearing Dave in my head saying “more, more, more.”

Once again, a took a full swing and once again, the ball lofted up and out of the bunker, landing 20 feet from the hole and rolled down towards the pin, stopping about about 12 feet, pin high.

Wouldn’t you know it, son of a gun, I made par with a firm putt and was totally shocked. That’s what Golf is Hard TV is all about!

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