"Bang On" Zune

Hello again GIH Fans!

Here are a couple of recent emails and questions from your fellow fans, we wanted to be sure you had the chance to enjoy them as much as we have.

Thanks Eddie and Dave for your questions and comments!

From Eddie S:

I just discovered your shows. I love it. I down loaded all of them on my Zune so I can take to the course with me. I will continue to follow you guys.

From Dave in Scotland:

Guys, could you so something on ball below the feet (hanging lies) and ball above the feet? Cheers

To Dave in Scotland:

Hi Dave, Great idea! We will do an episode on uneven (hanging) lies. For now, be sure to aim to the right (if you are right-handed) when the ball is above your feet and grip down about the same distance the ball is above your feet. The more loft on the club the more right you need to aim. We will get into why this happens. Practice some shots to get a feel. For a ball below your feet, you will need extra knee flex to get down to the ball, aim to the left and concentrate on keeping your balance and keeping your eyes on the ball thru the shot. This will get you going for know, keep an eye out for video. Thanks for your note, hope all is well in Scotland.

Coach Dave

Dave’s (Scotland) reply:

Thanks for the response! I’m telling anyone who will listen about what you guys are doing. Your approach is bang on. d

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