My "Week" of Golf – Day 1

This week, I’ve decided that I need to play golf every day, starting today Monday July 13th. We’ll be shooting some new shows tomorrow the 14th, but today I played 9 with my 2 daughters on the terrific executive course here in Trumbull known as “Tashua Glen.”

I played well for the first 4 holes, making bogey on all of them. I hit some terrific gap wedge shots and putted well. Unfortunately, the last 4 holes fell apart when I doubled #5 after missing an extremely easy putt for bogey. I sliced a ball into the woods on #6 and doubled it as well, again missing a short putt for bogey after a pin seeker that stopped about 8 feet past the hole.

While I’m really enjoying my new “Heavy Putter,” it’s taking some time to get used to it. I three putted the last 5 holes, coming up short on long putts every time. The weight of the putter is a tad distracting, but the more I use it, the more I like how it feels in my hands.

Tomorrow, Coach Dave and I are playing 18, but I’ve got no firm plans after that until Saturday… either way though, the goal is to play some golf every day this week!

This week’s stats so far:
1 day
9 holes played
+13 over par

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