Golf Week, Day 3… OMG Those Greens are Insane

The week of golf continues (6 days, 6 rounds of golf…) at the Woodhaven Country Club in Bethany, CT. All I can say about this 9 hole course is that the greens are.. stunningly hard at times. I managed to lose my scorecard this afternoon but see on the web that the slope from the blue tees is 128. That’s hard, right?

Here’s a sample of one hole…

I was lying 3 on par 4 after hitting a great chip shot to about 15 feet. Pin high (very high). My putt was going to break a tad to the left and was uphill about 10 feet or so. I nailed the line and I thought it was in… the ball stopped maybe 3 inches short and started to roll back a tiny bit.

Then it rolled faster. And faster. It didn’t stop until it was almost back to where it started.

Deep breath.

I lined it up again and hit my shot again. I did it again – the same exact thing. It took me a total of 4 putts and I ended up with a shiny 8.

I shot a 52 which, all things considered isn’t bad. Either way, day 3 is in the books!

This week’s stats so far:
3 days
36 holes played
53 shots over par
0 birdies
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed
1 Quadruple bogey
1 record setting drive, 270 yards

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