Golf Week Day 4 – It’s Birdie Time

Maybe it was time, or maybe Coach Dave’s last blog post helped, but I finally got one! I played the back 9 at Fairchild Wheeler Black in Fairfield, CT today and on the second hole I caught a bit of magic.

The 3rd hole (middle tees) is 155 yards and today, the pin placement was slightly up front. I grabbed my 7 iron (love knowing I can actually hit a 7 iron 150 yards) and with total confidence wacked at it. As soon as it went up I knew it was good – I actually said these words:

“Go in the hole”

As soon as I said those words, I knew I had blown it… immediately, my playing partner said that he thought the ball lipped out of the cup. It stopped less than a foot from the hole, where I tapped it in for birdie.

I really liked this course, it has some interesting challenges and is quite similar to Tashua Knolls, my home course. Walking 9 this morning cost all of $13!

I shot a 46 but could have easily been 2/3 shots better if I could simply get my putter going. 3 three putts is not what I’m looking for 🙂

This week’s stats so far:
4 days
45 holes played
64 shots over par
1 birdie
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed
1 Quadruple bogey
3+ record setting drives of ~270 yards
1 new course (Fairchild Wheeler)

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