Golf Week Day 5 – When Does this Get Easier?

Day 5 is in the books and I have a few thoughts, as you’d expect.

First, playing golf 5 days in a row is hard work. I’m tired. I’m also in trouble with my wife. I’m going to leave playing golf every day to the pros and retired folks. For me, it’s too much.

Secondly, and more importantly, when I do something every day, I expect to get better. I expect that because I’m a halfway decent athlete that I would see some improvement. Not today. For about 5 holes in a row, I started hitting drives off the hosel, directly left. It got so bad that I started dropping balls in the tee box on the ground and simply hitting hybrids (that worked).

Lesson learned, play with whatever you’ve got on a given day. Today, it was all about just getting off the tee safely (forget fairways!). I ended up shooting a 99 after a 51 on the front and triple/double on 10 and 11. Not good.

That said, I shot 7 over on the last 7 holes.

Now, I need to go pay some attention to my family (and catch up on British Open action. Speaking of which – Tiger, what up man?)

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