I was peeking at our visitor information and wanted to say hello to visitors from around the world! In top order, here are your custom shout outs!

  1. Sup Americanos?
  2. Cheers to you blokes in the UK
  3. Bonjour to our French and French Canadian fans!
  4. Hallo to Netherlands!
  5. Merhaba to you people in Turkey (really?)
  6. Hallo mein German fans

Just for fun, here are some fun numbers from our top 10 country visitors:

  • Austrians spend the most time per visit on our site, more than 7:45!
  • Over the past 30 days, every single visitor from Italy was new to Golf is Hard TV
  • Swedish golfers are viewing the most pages per visit, more than 3.3 pages every time they visit our site!

Neat stuff…

If you are on Facebook, please become a fan! Dave and I plan to use Facebook for some fun things in the near future – becoming a fan makes it easy to follow what we’re up to and to continue watching Golf is Hard TV!

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